Finland’s herculean Stride towards altering Education system's DNA. Can India change its DNA too?.

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New Challenges and New Pedagogies for 21st Century Education.
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K. J. Somaiya Comprehensive College of Education, Training and Research
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A really revolutionary out of box approach taken by the most remarkable Education system of the world- Finland is soon going to be translated into reality. Finland would be scrapping its traditional subject approach and adopting phenomenon based approach. The compartmentalized school subjects would be scrapped out and a cross curricular format will be adopted which will enable the students to focus on interdisciplinary connections rather than learn disjointed subjects. The crucial question here is whether India can also follow the footsteps of this Finnish approach. If it does, what will be reaction of the stakeholders? Can India take such a big leap? The present paper tries to compare the system of education of Finland with that of India and highlights the preparedness of Indian education system to embrace such revolutionary changes.

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