Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management | PGDEM

In the contemporary digital world marked by knowledge explosion leading to rapid changes, Education system needs to keep pace with these massive changes in order to become meaningful and relevant. For such an efficient education system, society requires personnel capable of information management, knowledge management & change management. Our society also faces an acute problem of unemployment.

Education as an agent of change also needs to prepare future generation with entrepreneurial skills and temperament that enables them to create not only their own employment but generate employment for others and thus contribute to national economy. With this rationale, the college offers a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management & Edupreneurship (PGDEME). It is a part - time course of two semester’s duration. Intake capacity is 60 students and the medium of instruction is English. The program intends to orient teachers to the various theories, principles and practices in the field of Educational Management and prepare in-position and prospective management personnel for their tasks as Principals, Vice Principals, CEOs, Administrators and Heads of Educational Institutions. It also aims to prepare edupreneurs with ability to plan and execute small & big educational enterprises.

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Key Information

Learning Outcomes

  • In depth and multi-disciplinary understanding of Educational Management Discipline
  • Development of competencies and skills required to become an Educational Administrator/ Manager/Supervisor/Co-ordinator
  • Development of entrepreneurship to start any Educational Institution or Program
  • Development of an understanding of Educational policies and programs

Career Prospects

  • Educational Administrator/ Manager/Supervisor/Co-ordinator
  • Educational entrepreneur


2007– K J Somaiya College of education became the first college in Mumbai apart from University of Mumbai to offer PGDME. PGDME is a one year diploma course with capacity of 60 students
2016-17- Syllabus Revision of PGDME


Collaborative, constructivist learning platforms whereby peer learning and sharing is focussed. Reflections and active learning environments further promote holistic learning.

A curriculum that fosters learning encompassing all theoretical and practical components necessary to decipher management and its allied concerns.

Students are actively engaged through lively discussion, brainstorming, seminar presentations, case studies, open book assignments during class hours as a part of internal assessment to make every student learn the concepts in the most practical way.

Curriculum is mapped to address current demands and challenges of the educational institutions industry. The courses are designed through involvement of academia, industry and students.

This program enables one to shape their career from supervisors, HODs, coordinators and principals & edupreneurs.

Highly qualified, versatile and experienced mentors with varied research expertise.

Google Classroom, Flipped classrooms, Edmodo, blogs, platforms are extensively used.


Semester I Semester II
Theories and Dimensions of Educational Management Understanding of Organizational Behaviour
Institutional Management Management of Human Resource in Education
Edupreneurship Research based Project
Research based Project  

Program Highlights

  • Theories and Dimensions of Educational Management
  • Understanding of Organizational Behavior
  • Institutional Management
  • Management of Human Resource in Education
  • Edupreneurship
  • Research based Project