Essentials of Dialogic Leadership

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Leadership in educational institutions: opportunities and challenges- guiding the way to 21st century
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K. J. Somaiya Comprehensive College of Education, Training and Research
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Educational leadership is widely recognized as complex and challenging as revealed by researches all over the world. Different conceptual frameworks have time and again evolved in an attempt to decipher what makes a leadership model ideal. Freire way back in 1968 had stressed on dialogue as essentials for those who are acting as leaders. With the transformation of our societies fast into information societies, dialogues need to enter into political, educational, economic and cultural systems. Silence is one of the biggest challenges to educational leadership, particularly in diverse and heterogeneous settings and initiating dialogues is a way of bringing the conversation to fruition. The maximum onus lies on teachers as educational leaders who are expected to facilitate dialogue. This paper attempts to conceptualize dialogic leadership and raises certain thought providing questions in terms of analyzing the education systems role in promoting dialogue, assessing how teachers as leaders empower students to enter into dialogues and understanding the meanings that are derived from dialogic engagements.

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