Value Education in Schools: Current Practices and Strategies'

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Universal Values: Empowering Learners
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Guru Nanak College of Education and Research, Bhandup, Mumbai,

Today man is standing at the apex of material development. He is so engrossed in amassing material wealth and making his life luxurious that he has forgotten the very roots that bind him and the society together; those are values like, truth, nonviolence, peace, justice, equality, brotherhood, humanity, fraternity and National Integration. This has distorted the value system of the society. The savior of such a society is none other than Education, it’s been said that “If you want any revolutionary change in the society without violent revolution then education is only one and one means to achieve it”. The present paper focuses on current practices evident in schools and their inadequacies in fostering the art of living together in harmony which hinders education from bringing revolutionary change for the better future to mankind. For overcoming this scenario the author has portrayed some strategies and the role of teacher education institutes in making values as the integral system of school curriculum.

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