Influences of Culture on Education: Qualitative analysis of History Textbooks of SSC and ICSE Board from 6th Std to 9th Std

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Culturally Congruent Classrooms
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K.J. Somaiya College of Education, Training and Research

A good society is the place where different cultures co exisit peacefully inspite of its uniqueness and differences. Such a society stands upright on its pillars of liberty, equality, equity and social justice; these pillars are enstrenthened by education, which inturn is influenced by culture. Education through its curriculum reveals societal needs, aspirations, challenges and opportunities. As the needs and aspirations changes from person to person, community to community, region to region and state to state; curriculum too should be responsive enough to include these differences and address the social issues. Such an inclusion helps in representation of the various groups which gives them a sense of being acceptable in the mainstream of the society. Researcher tries to analyse the representation of such social groups through History syllabus of ICSE boards from 6th std to 9th std.

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