Scaffolding Vernacular medium English language teachers in creating ICT mediated learning environment

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Pillai College Of Education Of Research
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It is a universal grievance in many states of India that the English teachers of various vernacular medium schools are not able to communicate in English very effectively specially those who have not studied English as a first language. English language standards have been deteriorating over the years and basic oral skills have been appalling due to lack of usage and reflective. For teachers to be successful in their career, they need to develop themselves in pedagogy, technology, and their content areas. For teachers to effectively integrate technology in their teaching, they must synthesize their knowledge of curriculum content,teaching strategies and the affordances and constraints of technological tools and resources.For technological pedagogical and content knowledge ( TPACK ) development, Scaffolding can help Vernacular medium teachers to develop digital literacy skills and reduce the participation gap that threatens to create a cultural divide between educators and their increasingly “wired” students. The utilization and integration of ICT tools can indeed assiststudents in acquiring English Language competency as well as enhance the quality of their learning experience. So there is an urgent need for vernacular medium teachers, with time to become pro-active in identifying subjects to be learned with educational technology in ways that show the added value of educational technology applications, establishing teaching strategies which meet learners’ needs and integrating ICT in learning activities into the classroom. This has inspired the researcher to make an attempt in designing training programme to equip the vernacular medium English language teachers with the competences of creating ICT integrated learning environment for the English language teaching (L3) using blended learning approach. This paper presents a training model based on ASSURE model(Heinich et al) towards attaining this goal.

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