LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum: Are The Teachers Ready?

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“Being Me – Understanding different dimensions of LGBTQIA+ community” in association with Indian Council of Social Science Research
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Satish Pradhan Dnyanasadhana College, Thane
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We have come across cases of ragging, bullying of LGBTQ members very often in our society. Even after having the transgender bill and decriminalization of Section 377, LGBTQ members face discrimination in our society. They come across rejection at home, school, workplace and all other spheres of their life .Most of the LGBTQ remain in closet and some commit suicide. To end this discriminatory behavior we have to work to change minds right from school level. The data that is fed into the minds of the children, remain forever. Teachers have the power to influence the minds and create a picture where people of all sexual orientation and gender non binary co-exist peacefully. It is possible through the LGBTQ inclusive curriculum where the children learn about LGBTQ, communities’ right from their child hood. We need to know how the teachers perceived the need for LGBTQ inclusive curriculum at the primary grade. Thus the researcher used qualitative approach in this exploratory study aiming to collect perceptions of teachers towards implementation of LGBTQ inclusive curriculum at Primary level. The researcher uses blogging as a reflective tool for collecting data from the teachers. The responses of the participant teachers was analysed through the axial coding process .The teachers perceived implementation of LGBTQ inclusive curriculum as something which helps in Overcoming psychological barriers, Achieving social justice ,Accommodating. The challenges perceived by the teachers pointed towards Narrow mindedness as well as inability to see relevance.

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