Promoting Servant Leadership through Service Learning-A Case Study

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Leadership in Educational Institutions : Opportunities & Challenges -Guiding the way to 21st century
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The purpose of this exploratory qualitative study was to discover the perceptions of pre-service teachers about their role as a change agent by demonstrating servant leadership.Twenty five pre- service teachers took initiative for contributing in the one day cleanliness drive at Sanjay Gandhi National Park as a part of their service learning. After the completion of the 10 hour program, the pre- service teachers were asked to write their reflections about the service learning with some focused questions. The co researchers analyzed their reflective journals and the themes that surfaced from the data reflected the perceptions of being responsible, empathetic, team builder, visionary contributing for a better society. Results showed that pre- service teachers of K J Somaiya College of Education tended to focus on the importance of being community centered, altruistic, and empathetic. The traits which emerged from the reflective journals of pre- service teachers reflected the qualities of Servant leadership.

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