‘Innovative Pedagogy To Create Engaging And Enjoyable Classroom Ecology’

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International Conference On Recent Trends of Commerce, Arts, Science, Education, Management and Humanities in Present Scenario organized by Research Forum of India New Delhi
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Shri Rewa Gurjar Bal Niketan College Sanawad, Research Foundation of India & RFI-CARE

Abstract NEP-2020 envisages that education should be giving opportunities to nurture innovation in our classrooms. Learning has become a globally connected process and for this, preparation needs to be very different. Therefore we need to transform pedagogies such that the teaching learning process becomes inclusive, integrated, holistic and enjoyable for the students. We need to come out from the fragmentation of Education and try to provide opportunities where knowledge will empower one to draw linkages between the disciplines. Art-integration and Sports integration are such cross-curricular pedagogical approaches that provide opportunities to make connections of different forms of art, culture and sports with the concepts across subjects. We must have teachers who can use such innovative pedagogical approaches that can break boundaries between the disciplines and present knowledge as a whole. The present paper will throw open the opportunities where we could use innovative pedagogies by drawing linkages across the arts, humanities, sciences, commerce ,management and other disciplines. This will empower a learner with the skills of critical thinking, creativity, scientific temper, problem solving and help to survive in today's world. Keywords: Innovative pedagogies, Fragmentation, Holistic, cross curricular pedagogical approaches.

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