Opening up the minds of Vernacular Medium English Language Teachers with ICT tools language

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Indo-Canadian International Conference of Business and Behavioural Sciences
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Education is at the confluence of powerful and rapidly shifting technological and political forces. The new generation of students are born into a more technologically oriented environment of digital text and context so to make the curriculum more relevant to them it is imperative that teachers need open up to the fruitful application of ICT in the modern classroom. The teacher education colleges have a pivotal role to play in this regard. In this direction the researcher has tried to make an  conscious attempt in training vernacular medium English language teachers with the competences of creating ICT integrated learning environment for the English language teaching (L3) based on ASSURE model (Heinich et al). The level of technical proficiency and beliefs of vernacular medium teachers about use of ICT (after undergoing training) in class room is the crux of this paper. The findings revealed significant differences in belief of vernacular medium English language teachers regarding the ICT tools usage in class-room teaching.

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