The Post Secondary School Student's Stress In Relation To Their Attributional Style.

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Dr.sukhada Mhatre
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Psychological stress is a major problem of present era, especially for student population. Any situation that evokes negative thoughts and feeling in a person such as unpleasant, frustrating, irritable, worrisome and anxious is considered psychological stress. According to Chalfant et al, (1990) psychological stress is “a continuous experience of unhappiness, nervousness, irritability and problematic interpersonal relationship.” Psychological distress is effected by many factors like personality, characteristics, demand of situation, attributional style and ecology of classroom. Everybody in this world faces stressors in one or the other area of life. In this modern world, man is making various kinds of adjustments in his social, psychological, economical, religious and political spheres. These adjustment problems have become manifold in the recent years due to multi-factorial causes such as individualization, urbanization, industrialization and many more. An individual does not feel satisfied with what he has and is always in search of what he does not possess. Even school going children are under constant stress due to cut throat competitions and parental demands. The present article discusses about a study of post secondary school student’s academic stress and its relationship their attributional style. The sample was selected using random sampling techniques. The total sample size was 821 students studying in std. XI ( HSC, Maharashtra State Board) Junior College of Greater Mumbai. The sample included 389 boys and 432 girls’ students of Std XI. Findings indicated that: The significant difference was found in the academic stress of students irrespective of gender and faculty. The significant relationship was found in attributional styles of students with their academic stress. At the end some suggestions are given to parents, teachers, educators and counselors based on the present study.

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