Exploring the Pedagogical Potential of ICT Mediation for Promoting Students’ Engagement: A Social Constructivist Perspective

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Infonomic Society
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624 - 631
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Despite frequent attempts to address educational changes and the roles of ICT in effecting changes in student learning, few have acknowledged that effective use of ICT needs to be embedded in a larger process of instructional change. One possible direction is to frame ICT implementation as a dynamic process in which the benefits of ICT on student learning is mediated by pedagogical factors in a school setting. This study examines the perceptions of school students from secondary level about the usefulness of ICT mediation in fostering their engagement in language learning. For this a collaborative research project was designed and implemented in 3 secondary schools in the city of Mumbai, India. The team of the researchers comprising of 2 English method masters and 12 preservice English language teachers had designed a 2 stage module for this project.The first stage dealt with the pre-service teachers' level, while the second stage was related to the students’ level. The project attempted to bring together the selected Schools' students and pre-service English language teachers in an ICT mediated learning environment and create learning situations, which sees the technology as a means of enhancing oral and written communication between students and teachers as well as among themselves.The scope of this paper is limited to the experiences of the students about ICTmediated collaborative languagelearning. The study sought to answer the following research questions:1. What according to the students is the perceived usefulness of ICT mediated collaborative Languag learning?2.In what way has the ICT mediation facilitated the promotion of student' engagement in collaborative language learning? Based on the qualitative analysis o the interview transcripts of the students and reflections of the per-service teachers the researchers have come to the conclusions that the students found ICT mediation very useful in collaborative learning a language and promoting their pro

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