Pioneering Change: Understanding Teachers’ Journey towards Creating Safe LGBTQ+ Inclusive Classrooms.

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Vol. XI
(Issue III)
pp. 10–20.
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India has rich cultural traditions which is deeply ingrained in the fabric of the society. Under this cultural mosaic we now come across the discourses of existence of LGBTQ+ community. In the heteronormative society, the target of achieving peaceful co-existence for people of all genders and diversities is a challenging task. We need to sow the seeds of developing empathy and tolerance for everyone right from a very young age. The mission of fostering LGBTQ+ inclusion needs to be initiated through sensitization of teachers towards people of all genders and sexuality. One of the most significant factors could be to bring LGBTQ+ inclusive content in classroom and let children express their opinions in these discussions .However the discussions of gender and sexual orientation needs to be comfortable topic for both students and teachers. Hence the main task here is to convince the pre-service teacher about the urgent need for designing and implementing a contextual LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum in our classrooms. The present qualitative study is a one shot case study which aims to understand the teacher experiences in transacting LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum. The analysis of responses will help to give implications to stake holders for creating a safe LGBTQ+ inclusive classroom. Keywords: Heteronormative, LGBTQ+ Inclusion, Sexual Orientation, Contextual LGBTQ+ Inclusive Curriculum.

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