“Pre-Service Teachers? views on the National Education Policy 2020”

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The National Education Policy (NEP) is a policy formulated by the Government of India to promote and regulate education in India. The new policy replaces the previous National Policy on Education, 1986. The policy is a comprehensive framework for elementary education to higher education as well as vocational training in both rural and urban India. The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) was approved by the Union Cabinet of India on 29 July 2020. It outlines the vision of India's new education system. This study was done on the Pre-Service teachers of the Somaiya Vidyavihar University to understand their views on the new policy and take into account the suggestions provided by them. The participants of the study were 60 students of K J Somaiya college of Education. The findings of the paper reveal that the pre-service teachers opine that the policy would bring some major educational transformation, but it requires careful implementation of the same considering the varied socio-economic and political diversity of the country. The results show the need to have elaborate discussions on the NEP so as to raise awareness among the teachers of the different changes and reforms the policy is talking about.

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