School Learning Environment and the Home Learning Environment

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Gomathi Shah & Hema Bhadawkar
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'Redefining Education: Expanding Horizons'
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Learning is complex; it begins at birth and continues throughout life. Parents are the first teachers and role models for their children, and therefore have a strong influence on their learning. Yet, studies continue to show that many parents are not aware of the importance they play in their child’s education and have a limited understanding of their role in their children’s learning (DCSF, 2007). Evidence suggests that parental involvement in their learning has a greater impact on children’s well-being and achievement. Next to home, school is the most important experience in the process of development of children. In a school system classroom is a vital part of the school atmosphere that constitutes the learning environment. School atmosphere includes favourable attitude towards school teacher, co-students, methods of teaching, facilities in the classroom, teacher-student interaction, teaching learning situation, etc. A congenial and favourable institutional learning climate is likely to create a positive attitude and facilitate learning.

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