Being is Peace

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Pillai Journal Of Research And Technology
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The water stabilizes in Sea, Fruit stabilizes on Earth, Hunger stabilizes with food, and Person stabilizes in Peace. Every effort of human being is for Peace alone. Let us generalize this statement and put it in stronger form that effort shall continue till equilibrium or till peace is achieved if at all it is to be achieved. In peace there is no effort required otherwise it cannot be consider as peace. The search so to say for peace must comprises of two part or so to say two facets one is the cause because of which peace is not appeared to be within reach and other technique to achieve peace. One fundamental thing which cannot be ignored is that human being knows what peace is otherwise what could be the basis remain for its search? How it realizes that it is not in peace despite of numerous trials. Also one must understand that failure of attempts in gaining peace should be considered seriously as these failures represent our misjudgments regarding nature of peace. In this research article subtle reasons which obstruct peace, and so to say technique of being as peace and hence nature of peace is discussed. Peace is not discussed as goal or object of study. It is considered as your very existence. As a result it means that peace cannot be achieved externally or internally it presents always as You.

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