A Glimpse through your lens -using Photo narration and Photo elicitation

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Vol 9
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Photographs can motivate people to think about issues in new ways. We can use it to bring about change in minds of people. It also helps us to identify the views that contradict our expectations. A photographer may project his perspective in the picture. We need to critically analyse the photographs and identify these perspectives. The social construction of reality is projected through photographs. We need to train our students to understand these realities. At times photographs can project stereotypes that we might have accepted without thinking about them. The stereotyped thinking may influence in negative ways and create intolerance among the students. Thus we need to break these stereotyped thinking at the right time at school level. Teachers can make use of photographs in their class teaching and shape the minds of the students. Teachers need to be justified on use of photographs for developing empathy and tolerance in the students. Thus the present study aims at examining the perceptions of in-service teachers on use of photographs as a tool for developing empathy among the students. Initially at stage one; the researcher oriented the in service teachers towards using photo narratives to know about the schema of students related to issues of religious discrimination and marginalization. Later the researcher made use of photo elicitation as a technique for training in service teachers to enable their student to analyse a photograph and address solutions related to the issues of religious intolerance and marginalisation. A self-made questionnaire was used to assess the perceptions of the teachers towards the use of photographs for developing empathy among the students. The findings of the study indicate that photographs can help to Empathy building, Feeling Compassionate, Relating to Social Issues, Concern for others. The perceived challenges are lack of teacher ability as well as no infrastructural support.

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